15 October 2009, Thursday, 9:23

French company intends to erect a plant for production of ceramic brick in Tuimazy

author: Michael Sytin

The French company “LUBAT+” intends to invest 30 million EUR in construction of the plant for production of ceramic brick on the territory of Bashkortostan. The corresponding contract is signed in the town of Tuimazy today.

“The company made quite right choice” – the Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev said – “Bashkortostan made maximally comfortable conditions for attraction of industrial investors, beginning from assistance to land registration and finishing with tax preferences”.

“I’ve visited the Republic five years ago and I am sure Bashkortostan today is one of the best and the most reliable territories for investments in Russia” – the President of the company Jose Bertania said.

The construction works are planned to start in March 2010 and same time the first specialists of the future plant will go to Belgium to master the skills of work with the modern equipment.

“Thanks to the newest technologies we can guarantee the quality of every of 60 million bricks to be produced at the new plant” – Jose Bertania stated.

themes: investments