15 October 2009, Thursday, 11:19

Mordvinians of Bashkortostan will be presented at the V Congress of Mordvinian nation

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The IV Congress of Finno-Ugric nations has taken place in the capital of Mordvinia Saransk not long ago and the V Congress of Mordvinian nation has to be held in the same city on October 28-31, 2009.

The theme of the forthcoming Congress is “Consolidation of Russian Mordvinians under the terms of globalization” and the slogan is “In Unity Forever!” The Congress will consist of two plenary and five section meetings.

The subject-matter of the sections is the following: interaction between national public organizations and authority in preservation and development of Mordvinian ethnos; language and ethnic-cultural formation under the terms of urbanization; Mordvinian national culture; problems and prospects of development under the process of globalization; family and youth in preservation of ethnic and cultural values and in formation of national self-consciousness; national mass-media as a factor of harmonization of international relations.

In total complexity more than 300 delegates and 140 observers will take part in the Congress. Republic of Bashkortostan stands on the sixth place in Russia by the number of Mordvinians, living on its territory – about 26 thousand people. Correspondingly the quote, allocated for the Republic is nine delegates and three observers.