14 October 2009, Wednesday, 9:18

Consumer market of Ufa actively develops itself

author: Olga Gorunova

The financial crisis negatively affected the rates of retail trade and public catering growth as well as the number of abuilding trade and public catering objects, the deputy head of Ufa administration Marat Galiullin stated. Thus, in 2008 120 new trade objects with the total area more than 80 thousand square meters had been put into exploitation and in 2009 slightly more than 100 new objects with the total area about 33 thousand square meters were opened in Ufa.

“But despite the financial difficulties construction and putting of new modern stationary trade enterprises into operation is going on in the capital RB” – Marat Galiullin reported.

At present time 34 large objects of trade with the total area 914 thousand square meters are erected in Ufa. 15 objects are “frozen”.

Along with the construction of the trade centers more than 125 trade networks, uniting 1066 shops, are actively developed in the city.