14 October 2009, Wednesday, 18:08

400 thousand doses of influenza vaccine came to Bashkortostan

author: Elena Makushina

Influenza vaccination session has started since September 15 in Bashkortostan. According to Administration for Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights (RAHCR) RB, 400 thousand doses of "Grippol"  and "Grippol plus" vaccine came to Bashkortostan within the framework of the national project "Health". The medicine is intended for people of "risk groups": children of preschool and general education institutions, medical and school workers. 377 579 people are already vaccinated.

According to Administration for RAHCR RB, only in 11 administrative territories the vaccine is bought from municipal districts' resources.

In 19 out of 68 administrative territories the vaccine is purchased for the account of employers.

27 512 people in all are vaccinated for the account of employers and municipal districts' resources.

Overall, today 405 091 people are inoculated that makes 10 % of the population. Meanwhile, according to experts, it is necessary to vaccinate a quarter of the whole population in order to avoid epidemic.