14 October 2009, Wednesday, 15:49

Citizens of Bashkortostan increased their pension 42 million rubles

author: Olga Gorunova

More than 42 million rubles entered local banks as the additional insurance payments on the program of state pension co-financing in Bashkortostan. This is the sum of payments of citizens, RB, participating in the program of pension co-financing. Bashkortostan is one of the most active participants of the Program, yielding just to Moscow and Moscow region.

In order to figure on the state co-financing the participant of the program has to transfer in the fund of his future pension at least 2000 rubles in the course of one year. In this case the state doubles this sum. The maximal amount of payment mustn’t exceed 48 thousand rubles per year. The program is meant for 10 years from the moment of the first payment.