14 October 2009, Wednesday, 15:28

“United Russia” starts motor race “The great way of Russian civilization”

author: Marina Shumilova

The motor race of “United Russia”, called “The great way of Russian civilization”, starts in Saint-Petersburg today and the new program of the party will be discussed in the regions within its frames. The new program has to be approved at the XI Congress, which is to be held in Saint-Petersburg in November.

The motor race Saint-Petersburg-Vladivostok will last till November 16 and will run through 18 Russian cities, including Ufa. In every city the participants of the motor race will meet with local representatives of “United Russia”, with youngsters and veterans and discuss the future party’s program with them. The final version of the program, which is to be discussed at the congress, will be formed taking the opinions of the regions into account. Besides, the envoys of “United Russia” will read lectures on history and culture of Russia.

In the course of the motor race the participants intend to use the Russian navigation system “GLONASS”. Thanks to this system it will be possible to monitor the dislocation of the motor race’s participants on the site of “United Russia”. The travelers will overcome about 11 thousand kilometers.

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