14 October 2009, Wednesday, 15:17

Orthodox Christians celebrate the Godmother Protection holiday today

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Orthodox Christians celebrate the Godmother Protection holiday today. This holiday is considered one of the greatest in Russian Church and has the fixed date –October 1 by the Julian calendar (October 14 by the new style).

The time of the holiday’s appearance in Russia is not precisely determined but there is the opinion it was adopted from the Constantinople Church, which later refused from it.

According to the legends on Sunday, October 1, 910, when Byzantine Empire waged war with Turkey, during the all-night vigil Andre Constantinople raised his eyes upward in the middle of the night and suddenly saw the Godmother, coming in the air and surrounded by angels.

The churches in the honor of the Godmother Protection started to appear in Russia in the XII century. The first such church had been built by Andre Bogolubsky in 1165. The monastery of the Godmother Protection was erected later in Novgorod and the Godmother Protection Church near the Trinity Church was erected during the reign of Ivan the IV in Moscow (now known as the Cathedral of Blessed Basil).

All-night vigils are traditionally held in all Russian churches and Christians ask the Godmother about protection and help this day.

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