14 October 2009, Wednesday, 14:29

The number of foreigners in Bashkortostan reduced 22 thousand

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The number of foreign citizens, living on the territory RB, reduced 22 thousand people, as compared with the same period of time in 2008, the deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB, Minister of labor and population social protection RB Fidus Yamaltdinov reported at the yesterday’s meeting of the interdepartmental migration policy committee under Government RB.

“The number of arriving foreigners has substantially reduced, as compared with the last year” – he said – “and the number of foreigners, living in the Republic, has on the contrary grown up. Therefore there are 32374 foreigners in Bashkortostan now”.

In spite of these indices the actuality of the arrangements on control over foreign citizens on the territory of Bashkortostan remains rather high in opinion of Fidus UYamaltdinov. At present time the territory of Bashkortostan is divided into sections and special officers of the Republican law-enforcement bodies are appointed on every section.

“Will foreign citizens live in these sectors illegally and will they violate the regulations of the registration – all that depends upon the work of the district policemen” – Fidus Yamaltdinov said.