14 October 2009, Wednesday, 9:42

Beloretsky metallurgical plant masters new production

author: Olga Gorunova

Beloretsky metallurgical plant (a daughter enterprise of the company “METCHEL”) started production of the rope zinced wire with winding in wire coils of Z2 type.

The rope zinced wire of different diameters is produced by the enterprise for a long time but in 2009 the plant mastered production of the wire with its winding into the wire coils of Z2 type. These are the new requirements of the consumers, having installed modern equipment at their productions. The rope zinced wire in wire coils of Z2 type is used for armoring the optic-fiber cables, used in sphere of communication. Earlier the low-carbon steel wire was purchased for these purposes. The advantages of the rope zinced wire are that its breaking strength is higher so it is possible to use smaller diameters of wire and that makes the optic-fiber cable lighter and more lasting. For today the market of optic-fiber cables becomes very promising because the manufacturers start changing from the export from China and Korea to Russian production.

themes: industry