13 October 2009, Tuesday, 13:04

All about Bashkortostan in English

author: Gyuzel Ibragimova

Panorama of Bashkortostan magazine prepared a special edition titled "Башкортостан — Bashkortostan".

The glossy edition issued in a magazine variant both in Russian and in English familiarizes readers with our republic.

As Panorama of Bashkortostan magazine explains, it is no mere chance that English language was chosen — heads of big enterprisers and organizations frequently asked the magazine staff for at once informational and souvenir material about our republic for their foreign colleagues and business partners.

The special edition contains information about national symbol of the republic, its capital — Ufa, geographical and economic position, Bashkir cultural monuments, national traditions and holidays (religious and sports), foodstuffs and clothes, etc.

According to the authors of the edition, one may get acquainted with its contents on the site of Panorama of Bashkortostan magazine http://www.kprb.ru/.