09 October 2009, Friday, 15:30

Engels Kulmukhametov: the decision, made 19 years ago, determined the prospect of Bashkortostan for many years ahead

author: Marina Shumilova

Solemn meeting, devoted to the 19th anniversary of Bashkortostan’s State Sovereignty Declaration is being held in Bashkir State Theater of opera and ballet now. Representatives of authority and local self-government, deputies, representatives of political parties and public communities and activists of science and culture are taking part in it.

“Taking the opportunity let me congratulate all citizens of Bashkortostan with the 19th anniversary of declaration of a new course in development of the Republic” – the secretary of “United Russia” political council in Bashkortostan, State Duma deputy Engels Kuhlmukhametov said to “Bashinform” – “We may say with assurance now that the decision, made 19 years ago, predetermined the prospects in development of Bashkortostan and the future of our multinational population for many years ahead. This decision has served the base for economic and political progress and mutual trust between Bashkortostan and the federal center.

The adoption of the State Sovereignty Declaration has become a stimulus for dynamic development of the Republic. In the course of these years Bashkortostan turned into an economically powerful and stable region – one of the leaders in Volga federal district as well as of Russia in a whole. Our Republic was always different with its peace and international harmony. Here nearly all nations of Russia are present and it is important the centuries-old traditions and all the best from the heritage of former decades are carefully preserved in Bashkortostan and at the same time these traditions and values are constantly revived”.

themes: Republic Day