08 October 2009, Thursday, 16:05

“United Russia” discusses the party’s program

author: Marina Shumilova

The project of the party’s Program and the party’s Regulations are actively discussed by members of the Bashkir regional division of Russian political party “United Russia”. The party took up the call of President RF to send proposals for his annual Message to Russian Federal Assembly.

As Dmitry Medvedev said, only two ways of modernization are possible: forced and nonviolent. The country is already familiar with the historical experience of forced modernization and the examples are the reforms of the Peter the Great, the October Revolution 1917 etc. Today we are facing the unique chance of nonviolent modernization and “United Russia” intends to offer such program – the program of modernization, where everybody may participate and which has to include the precise mechanisms for development of the country.

At present time there is a wide inflow of proposals and the adherents of the party actively take part in this process. All proposals will be summed up at the special conference of “United Russia” Bashkir division, appointed on October 23 in Ufa.