08 October 2009, Thursday, 12:29

Types and volume of high-technology medical care are growing in Bashkortostan

author: Elena Makushina

Types and volume of high-technology medical care (HTMC) are growing in Bashkortostan. Whereas since 2007, only three kinds of high-technology medical care were delivered in Bashkortostan, in 2009, 10 prevention and treatment facilities obtained a license to deliver 25 types of HTMC. According to Minister of Health RB Andrey Evsyukov, the Republican Clinical Hospital n.a. G. Kuvatov, the Republican Cardiologic Dispensary and the Republican Perinatal Centre carry out state order for delivering HTMC to 500 residents of the republic for the total amount of 60 million roubles from the federal budget recourses.

Mr Evsyukov also said that the question concerning creation of Endocrinological centre in our republic is being settled now. "This centre is organized from the functional point of view, but the recourses that we currently have at our disposal, can not let us separate it into an independent institution. We will continue to work on it" — he said.

He also mentioned that in the framework of the president program "Cochlear implantation in Bashkortostan" 56 infants and one adult went through the hearing restoration operation. In the framework of the target program design and survey work on reconstruction of the Centre of speech pathology, neurorehabilitation and hearing restoration was done.