08 October 2009, Thursday, 10:33

JSC “Bashkirnefteproduct” lowers fuel prices

author: Olga Gorunova

Since October 8 JSC “BASHKIRNEFTEPRODUCT” lowers Euro diesel fuel retail prices by 5,4%. Now one liter of diesel fuel at all filling stations of the company costs 17,5 rubles instead of previous 18,5 rubles.

In 2009 “BASHKIRNEFTEPRODUCT” has already lowered diesel fuel prices twice. The previous reduction by 2,6% has occurred in July.

JSC “BASHKIRNEFTEPRODUCT” specializes itself in fuel sales on the territory of Bashkortostan through its network of filling stations. The company owns 20 subdivisions in 14 towns and six regions of the Republic. In 2008 the earnings of the company made up 21,3 billion rubles and net profit – 1,8 billion rubles. The authorized capital stock of the issuer is 14,659 million rubles and the control packet of shares belongs to JSC “AFK System”.