07 October 2009, Wednesday, 11:17

Workers of Beloretsky metallurgical plant are found under clinical examination

author: Olga Gorunova

During one month and a half the workers of Beloretsky metallurgical plant will be under the additional clinical examination within the frames of the top national project “Health”. More than 1300 workers of the metallurgical plant, not included into the category of working under potentially harmful and dangerous working conditions, have to be additionally examined. The examination will be absolutely free both for workers of the plant and for the plant itself – the means are allocated by the Social Insurance Fund. The examination includes breast radiography, electrocardiogram and photofluorogram plus bio-chemical and diagnostic blood examination. The news-service of the plant reports that about 500 workers have already passed the medical tests and it is planned to complete the examination by the end of November. Besides, 2200 metallurgists have already passed deep clinical health examination in 2009.