02 October 2009, Friday, 15:03

New ambulatory is opened in village Tyater-Araslanovo

author: Elena Makushina

New rural ambulatory is opened in the village TYATER-ARASLANOVO, Bashkortostan. Its construction was begun still in April 2006. The building of the ambulatory was put into exploitation on the eve of the field meeting of the Republican Council on health protection.

The institution of the primary health protection link is meant for 50 visits daily. Its area is 1700 square meters. Besides, the ambulatory will receive patients from other 13 nearby settlements. The daytime stationary is planned to be opened here in the nearest future.

Now this is fully autonomous medical small town with its own heating system, water supply and sewerage systems. The former building of the local hospital is reconstructed and now it will be a tenement for the medics of the ambulatory. It is worth mentioning that this practice is rather popular. Thereby solving the problem with housing for local medics local authority gradually removes the problem with the shortage of specialists in sphere of health protection.