01 October 2009, Thursday, 15:51

Ten-ruble note is replaced by the coin of the same face-value

author: Olga Gorunova

A new coin with the face-value at 10 rubles is put into circulation today and the ten-ruble notes will be immobilized till the end of 2012.

New 10-ruble bimetallic coins will weigh 5,63g. The diameter of the coin is 22mm and its thickness is 2,2mm. As the news-service of the National Bank of Bashkortostan reports, the issue of the ten-ruble coins doesn’t mean any devaluation and the main goal of this step is substitution of the short-lived coins, which lifetime is 10 years and cheapening of the production. Both the notes and the coins will be in circulation in parallel, being absolutely solvent, i.e. all trade organizations in the country have to accept both notes and coins freely.