29 September 2009, Tuesday, 16:14

Modernization of cattle-breeding center is close to the end in Askinsky region

author: LIa Nagimova, Elena Makushina

The agricultural enterprise “TANYP-AGRO” finishes modernization of the cattle-breeding center in the village NOVAYA KARA. President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov visited the site of the future center today. The head of the Republic became acquainted with the course of reconstruction works and was interested in the prospects on future development of the center. At present time four cow-sheds, meant for keeping of 1200 heads of cattle, are fully reconstructed and supplied with water and electricity. Fodder storehouses and other auxiliary facilities are already erected and the access roads to the center are ready. The volume of construction works exceeded 80 million rubles for today.

In order to provide the cattle with fodders the agricultural grounds with the total area more than two thousand hectares are given to the center on the lease terms. At present time 450 tons of hey are reserved for the cattle. More than 200 cows are already delivered to the farm. In the nearest future, when the cattle-breeding center in the village NOVAYA KARA reaches its planned production capacity, the number of cows will exceed more than one thousand heads.