25 September 2009, Friday, 17:09

Bulgaria is interested in new kinds of energy and nanotechnologies

author: Elvira Latypova

Both Bulgaria and Bashkortostan have mutual interest in joint development of innovational constituent and concrete projects are already offered.

“The projects, related to new kinds of energy face high demand” – the deputy head of the federal agency on CIS affairs, compatriots abroad and on international humanitarian cooperation Alexander Chesnokov said to journalists – “Several Russian regions and Moscow region in particular show the interest in these projects. Establishment of joint ventures is quite possible in the future. Bulgaria needs such innovations and, for instance, it is interested in designing of solar batteries for the usage of this energy in agriculture and other branches. For today this is one of the concrete projects, which can receive serious development. Bulgarian specialists are interested in the designs of Bashkir scientists in sphere of nanotechnologies too and some of them take part in the Congress of nanotechnologies, held in Ufa these days”.