25 September 2009, Friday, 16:57

Zachary Zachariev: we are in want of information and direct business contacts

author: Elvira Latypova

“The main reason why the economic relations between Bashkortostan and Bulgaria are behind the times is that we face the shortage of information and direct business contacts” – the chairman of the Federation of friendship with Russia and CIS nations, chairman of the Fund “The Slavs” Zachary Zachariev said to journalists. This conclusion has been drawn in the course of the “round table” “Regional cooperation between Bulgaria and Russia from the point of view of the idea about the all-European home”, held in Ufa today.

Several actions are planned in order to fill this gap in the nearest future. “At the end of November the business-forum will take place on the territory of Ufa by the proposal of your President Murtaza Rakhimov” – Zachary Zachariev reported –“And concrete projects on economic cooperation and trade exchange will be discussed there. In 2010 the exhibition and the similar business-forum will be held in our country by invitation of Bulgarian authorities. Business is the most solid foundation for development of friendly interrelations in all other spheres of life”.