23 September 2009, Wednesday, 16:04

The Nur theatre opens a new theatrical season with a performance commemorating the 90th anniversary of Mustai Karim

author: Liya Nagimova

The Ufa State Tatar theatre Nur is opening the 18th theatrical season with a new drama "Evening party" after the play of Mustai Karim devoted to the 90th anniversary from the birthday of the great thinker, the artist in words, people's poet of Bashkortostan. The troupe of the Nur will participate with this performance in the Republican theatre festival in memory of the poet, which will start in Ufa on October 14.

The producer of the performance is the theatre director, Honoured Art Worker RB Abylkhaer Safiullin. As it was explained to "Bashinfrom" news agency in the Nur theatre, this performance is about love, about its all-forgiving power. The main heroes are three real men representing three different generations. There is a conflict between them, which is as old as the world, the conflict of parents and children.

The first night of the performance "Evening party" will take place on September 29 and 30.