23 September 2009, Wednesday, 15:21

Agreement about cooperation between Russian Gas Society and non-commercial partnership “Sopkor” is signed in Ufa

author: Elvira Latypova

The agreement about cooperation between the Russian Gas Society and the non-commercial partnership “SOPKOR” is signed at the Congress “CITOGIC-2009” in Ufa. The document is signed by the deputy chairman of Russian State Duma Valerie Yazev and chairman of the non-commercial partnership “SOPKOR” Bogdan Budzulyak. Realization of the agreement is aimed at the increase of safety and reliability in exploitation of gas pipelines.

“It is remarkable that this agreement is signed at the Congress “CITOGIC-2009” in Ufa” – President of the Academy of technological sciences RF Boris Nikitin said – “Because more than 150 thousand kilometers of gas pipelines are found under exploitation all over Russia today. All these pipelines are exploited for rather a long period of time and every year several thousand kilometers of our gas mains need recovery, repair and control works”.

Activation of works in this direction, as M-r Nikitin believes, is caused by the recent tragedy at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station and by the apprehension before the possibility of new man-caused catastrophes on other dangerous industrial objects.