23 September 2009, Wednesday, 13:18

There two new exhibitions in the gallery "Ural"

author: Liya Nagimova

A personal exhibition of an Ufa artist Elena Pozdnova opened on Tuesday, September 22 in the gallery of folk art "Ural". The exposition includes all her pictures made in crayon.

"Having discovered this technique, the artist also found a new creative theme" — the head of the gallery Karima Kaidalova says — "In her works she thinks over how many hardships a man undergoes in his life, especially in the period of crisis, that is why everyone is looking for his own support in life."

On Wednesday, September 23, a personal exhibition of a young artist, a graduate of the Ufa school of art Salima Tulebaeva will open. It will be the first time that she introduces public at large to her pictures.

Both expositions open within the framework of the Year of support and development of youth leads in Bashkortostan.