18 September 2009, Friday, 16:45

The program of the IV all-Russian congress of Finno-Ugric nations is approved

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The program of the IV all-Russian congress of Finno-Ugric nations, which is to be held in the capital of Mordvinia on September 24-26, and its symbols are approved.

The gathering of the Finno-Ugric Nations Association will be held on September 24 in the interregional scientific center of Finno-Ugric nations. The plenary session, where the work boards of the congress and regulations are to be determined, will take place on September 25.

It is expected the Plenipotentiary of President RF in Volga federal district Gregory Rapota and the head of Mordvinia Nikolai Merkushkin will address themselves to the participants of the congress with the complimentary address. Further the work of the congress will go on in various sections: “Society and law”, “Language and education”, “Culture and mass-media”, “Ecology and health protection”, “Interregional and international relations” etc.

As it was already reported, four delegates and two observers from Republic of Bashkortostan will partake in the congress.