17 September 2009, Thursday, 15:29

Jews prepare themselves for meeting Rosh-a-Shan

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Jews all over the world are preparing themselves for the meeting of Rosh-a-Shan — the Jewish New Year. Rosh-a-Shan stands for “The head of the year” from Hebrew. The holiday has also the second name — Yom-a-Din, i.e. the Report Day. Rosh-a-Shan is celebrated for the first and for the second day of the Tishrey Month according to the Jewish calendar, which fall on September 19 and 20 on this year.

It is considered in Judaism that in the first day of this month the God had finished creation of the world, creating the first man and now the world stands before the divine justice every year.

“Per se this holiday means the birthday of the whole mankind, so celebrating Rosh-a-Shan we congratulate all people in the world, who are going to mark their 5770th birthday” – the director of the Jewish public organization “KOHAV” RB Gita Lvovitch says – “Rosh-a-Shan is not just the remarkable event for us but the ground to think what the forthcoming New Year is going to be and what it will bring to us”.