16 September 2009, Wednesday, 12:04

Muslims are preparing themselves for Uraza-Bayram

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Muslims all over the world are preparing themselves for celebration of one of two largest Islamic holidays – the holiday of breaking the fast, coming at the end of the holy month of Ramadan and called Id-al-Fitr. For Russian believers this holiday is more familiar as Uraza-Bayram.  In this year the holy month of Ramadan entered on August 20 after the sunset. In accordance with Muslim religion Allah had begun to send the dogmas of Koran down to people with the help of his prophet Muhammad. The fast in Ramadan is ordered by Koran and considered one of five Islamic columns together with the belief in One God, the necessity to read Mohammedan prayers, pilgrimage to Mecca and obligatory charity for the poor. During this month Muslim mustn’t eat and drink in a daytime and have to desist from everything, able to break their piety. They may eat only after the sunset and as a rule they try to share their meal with all relatives, friends and neighbors. Koran is read in all mosques during the whole month of Ramadan. In 2009 Uraza-Bayram falls on September 20 and festive prayers will be traditionally read in the mosques and special places 30-40 minutes after the sunset.