15 September 2009, Tuesday, 16:11

Ministry of agriculture RB chooses pretenders to state backing

author: Mariat Artuhova

Specialists of Ministry of agriculture RB begin consideration of applications for obtaining of state funding in accordance with the Decree of President RB “The measures on state backing of specialists’ staff in agricultural complex RB”. The news-service of Ministry of agriculture RB reports 21 applications from 14 regions of the Republic have already been considered at the first meeting of the special commission.

The grant-receivers are selected taking several factors into account and the applications are considered in the presence of the representatives of local authority. As it is known, in accordance with the Presidential decree 100 specialists with higher professional education and 150 – with secondary professional education may figure on one-time state support. For the first category the volume of funding makes up 100 thousand rubles for each pretender and for the second category – 60 thousand rubles.

The next meetings of the commission are appointed on September 16 and 17.