15 September 2009, Tuesday, 15:31

JSC “Caustic” invites business to cooperation

author: Lubov Kolokolova

JSC “Caustic” for the first time in Russia designed and received the pilot batches of a new wood-polymer composite. Now the company invites small and medium business structures to cooperation in its production. The chief engineer of JSC “Caustic” Theodore Afanasiev says production of the composite is rather promising business. For today the volume of the world wood-polymer composite market is estimated at three billion dollars and the world production volume makes up approximately one million tons per year. For the last several years the rates of growth in this market make up 22-24% on average. Besides, the world experience shows that small business remains the main producer in this sphere thanks to its mobility.

The news-service of JSC “Caustic” reports production of the wood-polymer composite at the enterprise is found on the starting position. The planned capacity makes up 10000 tons annually but the start of the new production is still hampered by the absence of granulate processors.