14 September 2009, Monday, 22:22

Construction of solid domestic waste landfill is close to the end in Aurgazinsky region

author: Elvira Latypova

The new solid domestic waste landfill in AUGRAZINSKY region of Bashkortostan will be put into exploitation in the nearest future. The news-service of Ministry of nature management and ecology RB reports the landfill will be launched in September.

The old landfill is overfull and its dislocation doesn’t meet the sanitary norms. In this connection it was decided to erect a new landfill, located two kilometers to the north-west from the settlement of TOLBAZY. Its total area is 50650 square meters and the landfill’s capacity is 128,8 thousand cubic meters. The term of exploitation is 20 years. The landfill is fenced with the metal wall, two meters high.