14 September 2009, Monday, 17:20

Ufa secondary dwelling prices go on coming down

author: Olga Gorunova

Prices in the secondary dwelling market of Ufa went coming down on last week. The reduction of prices on all types of flats made up 0,2% — to 38,34 thousand rubles for one square meter. According to information of the realty agencies’ network “The Expert” the average cost of one square meter on one-room flats reduced 0,1% to 40,75 thousand rubles. Two-room flats became 0,2% cheaper to 37,71 thousand rubles for one square meter. The cost of one square meter on three-room flats dropped 1,6% to 36,78 thousand rubles. The flats with more than three rooms on the contrary became more expensive by 1,2% to 37,56 thousand rubles for one meter. Average price for elite dwelling makes up at present moment 64,4 thousand rubles for one square meter. The index of Ufa dwelling yield on September 14 makes up minus 8,0 bank deposits. The market index of hypothec crediting in the city of Ufa is equal to 19% of interest per annum and the index of hypothec credits availability makes up 0,1. The cheapest one-room flat in Ufa today costs 800 thousand rubles and the most expensive six-room flat – 23,5 million rubles. The most expensive cottage, displayed for sale, is estimated at 18 million rubles.