10 September 2009, Thursday, 17:26

Madrasah by Miriam Sultanova will become the arena of competition for the best cookery experts RB

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The contest of national Muslim cookery will be held at the madrasah by Miriam Sultanova of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB. The Association of cookery experts RB and the state unitary enterprise “The training public catering center RB” are the organizers of the competition.

As the madrasah by Miriam Sultanova reports, the contest is dated to the forthcoming Muslim holiday of Uraza-Bayram and is held with the purpose of popularization of national cookery traditions RB. All public catering enterprises RB and individuals, irrespective of the form of property, are welcomed to join the contest.

All dishes, which the cookery experts have to introduce to the contest’s jury, have to be prepared in strict accordance with the Muslim traditions, i.e. no pork and alcohol. All seafoods are permitted but poultry meat and meat of domestic animals have to be cooked in accordance with the norms of sheriat. The results of the contest and the winners will be announced during celebration of Uraza-Bayram.