08 September 2009, Tuesday, 14:45

Workers of libraries and NCC will discuss organization of common information space

author: Liya Nagimova

Workers of libraries and national and cultural centres (NCC) from all over Bashkortostan and neighbouring regions will gather on September 2 in Ufa to take part in the seminar "Cooperation of libraries and NCC in conditions of language variety". Its organiser is the Akhmet-Zaki Validi National library of Bashkortostan together with Ministry of culture and national policy RB.

According to the National library, the main goal of the seminar is organization and development of common information space and forms and methods of cooperation between libraries and NCC.

During the seminar, librarians will discuss formation of library stocks with a glance to the region's language variety, creation of common electronic databases, cooperation in information and leisure activity, as well as in regional cultural preservation programs. The libraries' activity on serving ethnic groups of population and NCC will not be left unattended as well.

themes: Library, seminar