06 July 2009, Monday, 10:47

Secondary dwelling in Ufa becomes cheaper

author: Olga Gorunova

One more reduction of prices is registered in the secondary dwelling market of Ufa. For the last week the average cost of one square meter has reduced 0,1% to 39,69 thousand rubles. In particular, the price of one square meter in one-room flats dropped 0,9% to 42,3 thousand rubles for one square meter. Two-room flats have cheapened 1,2% to 38,93 thousand rubles for one square meter. The cost of one meter in three-room flats dropped 0,2% — to 37,76 thousand rubles. At the same time the cost of one meter in flats with many rooms (more than three) increased 1% — up to 41,6 thousand rubles for one square meter. Average elite dwelling price is equal to 62,4 thousand rubles for one meter. The index of Ufa dwelling yield on July 6 makes up “minus” 8,0 bank deposits. The market index of Ufa hypothec crediting is equal to 19% of interest per annum. The index of hypothec credit accessibility is equal to 0,1. Ufa realtors report that 9 of 10 deals in Ufa dwelling market in June 2009 were alternative, i.e. exchange operations.