01 July 2009, Wednesday, 16:40

Bashkir medics managed to reduce infant mortality

author: Elena Makushina

Thanks to purposeful activity on preservation of life the index of infant mortality for four months 2009 reduced from 9,4 per 1000 newly born babies to 6,8, the Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports. The deputy Minister of health protection RB Ralida Shakirova reports it happened due to reduction of early neonatal (at the age of up to six days) and neonatal (up to 28 days of life) mortality 1,6 times and post-neonatal (at the age from 28 days up to one year) mortality – 1,5 times.

“The reduction of these indices is the result of joint efficient work of executive authority boards of all levels, directors of medical institutions and all medics” – she said. Ralida Shakirova also added Ministry of health protection RB paid special attention to raising the level of medical employees’ skills. Thus, the cycle of lessons on actual problems of genetics and hereditary diseases has been held in 2009. The Ministry initiated training of urologists and infant surgeons on infant urology and andrology and practical seminars on neonatology, endoscopy, pre-natal diagnostics and the courses for hospital nurses in nurseries.