29 June 2009, Monday, 12:04

Seminar for Bashkir-speaking editions of Bashkortostan to be held on July 4

author: Amy Kolokolova

The press, publishing and polygraphy Department under Government RB will hold the seminar “Problems of Bashkir-speaking editions and ways for solutions” on July 4 in Burziansky region of Bashkortostan with the frames of the Days of Bashkir youth.

It is planned the editors-in-chief and journalists from the leading Bashkir Republican editions will discuss such issues as improvement of content and design, attraction of subscribers and competent presentation of the materials. On July 5 the excursion to the SHULGAN-TASH cave and the meeting with leading Bashkir pop-stars will be organized for participants of the conference. More detailed information is on the site: www.sbmrb.com.