25 June 2009, Thursday, 15:55

Extensive festive program is prepared for the Youth Day in Ufa

author: Elmira Sabirova

Festival, devoted to the Youth Day, will be held on Salavat Ulaev square in Ufa on June 27. The main goal of the action is to collect representatives of different youth movements and sub-cultures in one place at one and the same time to celebrate the festival and to give young people a chance to exchange experience and to learn each other better. Special zones will be installed on the square and every zone will be formed by the representatives of this or that youth movement. The guests of the festival will watch historical reconstructions of the past centuries and will become the models for photographers and painters. They may write their requests on one thousand balloons, which will be launched into the sky and they’ll watch the most unusual cars and bikes of Ufa. The pop-show will take place in the evening on the stage near the Congress-Hall. The festival is organized by Ufa administration youth policy committee and the Youth Public Chamber RB.