25 June 2009, Thursday, 15:12

The forecast of social –economic development RB in 2010-2012 was under discussion

author: Alexander Nedelin

Joint meeting of the interdepartmental governmental commission on budget projections and the interdepartmental commission on perfection of tax legislation adaptation in Bashkortostan has taken place the day before in the Government House. The meeting was dedicated to preparation of the forecast of social-economic development RB in 2010-2012. The meeting was led by the first deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB, Minister of finances RB Airat Gaskarov, news-service of Government RB reported.

Minister of economic development RB Eugene Evtushenko took the floor with the report “The main macroeconomic indices of the forecast of social-economic development RB in 2010-2012”. He specially emphasized that under the global financial crisis the forecast was for the first time composed in three variants: favorable, basic and inertial.

The first deputy Minister of economic development RB Marat Minasov reported about the forecast of development of the main directions in economic activity in Bashkortostan.

Taking into consideration that the scenario conditions for development of Russian economics, approved by Russian Government, are still absent, the interdepartmental commission agreed with the possible development of social-economic processes in Bashkortostan on three abovementioned variants. The work over the parameters of the forecast on 2010 and for the period till 2012 is still going on and will be introduced to Government RB and President RB till September 1, 2009.