22 June 2009, Monday, 15:09

Tax service RB collected 80,9 billion rubles into Russian budget system in January-May

author: Elvira Latypova

80,9 billion rubles of taxes entered Russian budget system in Republic of Bashkortostan in January-May 2009 – 3,9% more as compared with the same indices 2008. About 68,6 billion rubles entered the budgets of all levels (including the uniform social tax, coming into the federal exchequer). This is 4,4% more than in January-May 2008.

More than 21,7 billion rubles of taxes, dues and fees were transferred into federal budget – 27,6% less than for the first five months 2008. More than 36,6 billion rubles were transferred into consolidated budget RB with the annual growth 25,5%. About 30,7 billion rubles was collected into budget RB. The sum of the profit tax by the deal on sales of Bashkir oil enterprises’ shares made up 11,9 billion rubles. Therefore the increase of budget incomes made up 29,6% as compared with the previous year. Municipal budgets received 5,9 billion rubles with the annual growth 6,3%. Social non-budget funds received 12,3 billion rubles – the growth is 1,3% as compared with 2008.