05 June 2009, Friday, 10:10

Ufa atmosphere is admitted fit for breathing

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Ministry of nature management and ecology RB held atmospheric monitoring in Ufa. The measurements were made in two control points: near JSC “SVET” and in SVOBODA Street. In the first point certain content of NH4 was observed in the air. From the beginning of May the NH4 content in atmosphere went up and on May 14 it overcame the mark 14 of maximal allowable concentration. Within the period between May 15 and 23 the NH4 content in this control point dropped and reached nearly zero mark and on May 25 the content was again registered at the level of 0,4 of maximal permissible concentration.

The content of NO, NO2 and C1 in the first control point was practically unchanged and stood near 0,1 of maximal allowable concentration.

Rather substantial fluctuations of CO were registered in the second control point and these figures changed from 0,3 to 0,6 of maximal allowable concentration. The content of other pollutants in the air stood within the limits of 0,2 of maximal allowable concentration.

In a whole situation with atmospheric pollution in Ufa is still kept under control and the content of harmful substances is lower than the maximal allowable levels.