15 April 2009, Wednesday, 12:12

Radiation doesn’t threaten Bashkortostan

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Ministry of nature management and ecology RB was providing the environmental monitoring in Bashkortostan during March. At that it measured two main showings: the level of atmospheric pollution and radiation background.

In Ufa the atmospheric metering was done at two control points – near the JSC “YELZ SVET” and on Svoboda-Street. At the first point stable rise of SO2 in the air was observed during the whole month. The rise of CO was observed within the period from March 8 to March 14. The content of NO, NO2, CI and NH4 in this part of the city remained practically unchanged. The atmospheric content of any pollutants at the second point was practically within the norm during the whole month.

According to the results of monitoring the radiation background in the Republic remains satisfactory and doesn’t threat either the health of population or environment. Even the maximal registered points of radiation background, registered in different parts of the city, can’t threaten the population because the background norm is estimated at 20 microroentgens per hour.