14 April 2009, Tuesday, 15:24

The law “Public Chamber in Republic of Bashkortostan” comes into effect

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The law “Public Chamber in Republic of Bashkortostan”, approved by State Council RB on March 26 and signed by President RB on April 3 comes into effect after official mass-media publication. Now Bashkortostan possesses the body, which is called to provide interaction between ordinary citizens and public communities and state authority RB. Public Chamber RB is the analogue of Russian Public Chamber so their tasks and goals coincide. The principle of formation is also one and the same. But numerically Public Chamber RB differs from Russian Public Chamber. It consists of 15 citizens RB, approved by President RB and 15 representatives of public communities. President RB has to choose his “own” candidatures from the list of citizens, who have special merits before the Republic and the society after preliminary consultations with public communities, non-commercial organizations and creative unions. Those citizens, who receive invitations to join Public Chamber RB, have to inform President RB about their decisions during 10 days.  The list of all 30 members of the Public Chamber RB will be published one week after the final approval.