14 April 2009, Tuesday, 14:09

Republican builders pushed off from crisis “bottom”

author: Olga Gorunova

Republican building complex gradually restores its construction volumes and that proves that it pushed off the crisis “bottom”. Positive turning point in the situation is proved by growth of brick sales. Thus, the largest holding of brick plants in Bashkortostan “Bashkir brick” reports brick sales in February made up 5,56 million pieces of brick – 66% more than have been sold in January 2009 and 37% more than in December 2008.

“Bashkir brick” is considered the largest holding of brick plants in Republic of Bashkortostan and it unites four Ufa brick plants and one brick plant in KABAKOVO. The aggregate production capacity of the holding is 110 million pieces of conditional brick annually.

“Bashkir brick” marketing director Denis Krasheninnikov reports gradual restoration of building volumes and, as a consequence, the rise of brick sales proves the tendency to normalization of the situation in the building sector of industry.