10 April 2009, Friday, 10:04

Presentation of Bashkir family trees has taken place in Istanbul

author: Akhat Salikhov

Presentation of the book “Bashkir family trees” has taken place at the Eurasia Institute of Istanbul University. TURKSOY General Director Dussen Kaseinov, pro-rector of Istanbul University Achmet Gekchen and director of Eurasia Institute Khayati Tufkekchioglu took the floor with welcoming speeches. TURKSOY General Director Dussen Kaseinov underscored that active cooperation between TURKSOY and Ministry of culture and national politics RB had long-term roots and went on successfully developing. Professor Gekchen said that Istanbul University – one of the oldest education institutions in Turkey – is ready for cooperation with leading Bashkir scientific institutions. He also added that popular Bashkir historian Achmetzaki Validi had once worked at Istanbul University.

The member of Turkish Academy of sciences, Professor, Doctor Isenbike Togan, director of the Institute of history, language and literature RB, Professor, Doctor of philology Firdaus, Khisamitdinova and representative of Ministry of culture and national politics RB, candidate of historical sciences Akhat Salikhov made scientific reports at the presentation.

Presentation was organized by TURKSOY General Directorate and by Eurasia Institute of Istanbul University.