01 April 2009, Wednesday, 11:30

Bashkir division of Federal Anti-Monopoly Service checks fuel prices

author: Olga Gorunova

Bashkir division of Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service makes weekly monitoring of fuel prices in Republic of Bashkortostan by the instructions of Russian Anti-Monopoly Service. At present time ten companies work in the retail fuel market RB and Bashkir division monitors the fuel prices of seven companies in the wholesale oil product market.

According to the information, obtained in the course of the monitoring the rise of average oil product prices is observed in Bashkortostan since the beginning of 2009. At the same time average retail benzene prices are reduced by 8,6 – 11,47% according to the data, obtained in the middle of January.

At the beginning of April average retail prices for benzene AI-76 made up 15,30 – 15,90 rubles for one liter, for benzene AI-92 – 18,40-18,90 rubles for one liter, for benzene AI-95 -19,90-20,50 rubles and for diesel fuel – 18,40-20,30 rubles for one liter.

According to the data of the territorial branch of the Federal State Statistics Service in RB on March 23 the average retail benzene AI-76, AI-92 and AI-95 prices are lower than in Perm and Izevsk and diesel prices are lower than in Orenburg, Perm and Izevsk.