26 March 2009, Thursday, 17:06

Olga Odinokova: the Message of President RB will become an incentive for business undertakings development

author: Lubov Kolokolova

“The Message of President RB “Our goal is prosperity of people and augmenting of creative potential RB” is undoubtedly the precise program for further development of the region and it is pleasant to see that business undertakings is specially emphasized in the Message as well as in the previous Messages among prior spheres of economics” – Chairman of Ufa Employers Union Olga Odinokova says.

As she said, the importance of this question doesn’t need additional argumentation because it is evident and the necessity to develop business undertakings is especially important during the crisis. As it is stated in the Message we need qualitative breakthrough in this sphere. In the conditions of growing unemployment small and medium business companies and enterprises are able to increase the number of workplaces and to preserve already existing jobs.

“Ufa employers meet the Message of President RB with approval and are sure that the clauses of this basic document will become an additional incentive for development of business undertakings in Bashkortostan” – Olga Odinokova underscored.