26 March 2009, Thursday, 15:24

Rafael Baidavletov: the main thing is to find the right way out of the crisis

author: Olga Gorunova

     “We’ve listened to the 15th Message of President RB to State Council-Kurultay-RB. The most important task, ventilated in the Message is overcoming of the global financial crisis after-effects” – the member of Russian Federation Council from Bashkortostan Rafael Baidavletov said to journalists – “Our region enters the crisis being more prepared unlike the nearby regions of the country, where meetings of protest and pickets because of intense economic situation already arise. Nonetheless the present situation in our Republic arouses many difficult questions – these questions are present and will be present. At the same time the well-developed economic base, once founded in the Republic, permit us to hope that the crisis will hit Bashkortostan to a lesser degree. The main thing now is to find the right way out of the crisis” – the senator from Bashkortostan believes.

     “The main thing is that President RB promised that all social obligations and social programs, planned for this year, would be fulfilled” – Rafael Baidavletov said.