25 March 2009, Wednesday, 11:44

“AF Bank” is acknowledged one of the most stable Russian banks

author: Olga Gorunova

According to information of “RBC Rating” JSC “AF Bank” is included into the first group of financially stable Russian banks in the group of banks with the assets at the rate from one to five billion rubles.

The overall number of banks in Russia with such assets is 350 and just 14 banks are included into the first group, including “AF Bank” and this is not accidentally because the bank is considered the largest bank in Republic of Bashkortostan by its own capital. The rating agency “Expert RA” has increased “AF Bank” rating up to the level “B++” (the acceptable level of creditability) in January 2009, the news-service of the bank reports.

The first group of financial stability includes the banks, which manage to combine high capital adequacy, good asset quality, high profitability, efficient management and acceptable liquidity level – not very high to avoid profit losses and at the same time not too low in order to exclude excessive risks.