24 March 2009, Tuesday, 17:05

St Andrew the Apostle Church will be erected in Ufa

author: Bulat Ulbarisov

New St Andrew the Apostle Church will be erected in Demsky district of Ufa. The land area, allocated for construction, is located in the top point of the district, the site of Ufa Eparchy reports. The image of Moscow Spassky Church in Andronnikov Monastery is laid in the base of the architectural project. The height of the future one-dome church will be 33 meters together with the cross. According to the project the facades will be faced with white limestone.

St Andrew Apostle is considered one of 12 Apostles. In accordance with the lot St Andrew the Apostle had left for the Black Sea countries. He preached in Thrace and Scythia and reached the Caucasus. Further he reached Kiev’s Mountains, after traveling Dnepr, blessed these mountains and erected the cross there. After that he reached Great Novgorod and Varangians. St Andrew the Apostle is especially honored by Russians and considered the patron of Russian state. The first and the most honorable St Andrew Order had been established in 1699. The Order is considered the highest award of Russia since 1998.