24 March 2009, Tuesday, 10:21

Young scientist to discuss Russian federalism in historical and modern aspects

author: Lia Nagimova

The all-Russian scientific-practical conference for students, post-graduates and young scientists “Russian federalism: history and up-to-dateness”, devoted to the 90th anniversary of Bashkortostan Soviet Autonomy foundation and to the 100th anniversary of Bashkir State University will be held in Ufa on the base of BSU historical faculty. It is organized by the regional division of Russian Young Scientists Union in RB and Bashkir State University jointly with the Youthful Public Chamber under State Council RB and the primary BSU trade-union organization.

Participants of the conference will discuss actual aspects of Russian federalism history, its economic and political-legal aspects and the role of “the Agreement between the Central Soviet Authority and Bashkir Government about Bashkiria Soviet Autonomy” in formation and development of Russian federalism.