23 March 2009, Monday, 15:56

Contest “Teacher of Bashkir language and literature-2009” to be held in Sibay

author: Elmira Sabirova

Participants of the interregional professional mastery contest “Teacher of Bashkir language and literature-2009” are arriving in the capital of Bashkir trans-Ural  -Sibay. About 60 teachers, including representatives of Orenburg and Chelyabinsk regions, will compete for the rank of the best teacher of Bashkir language and literature this year. These participants have passed the first stage of the contest. They were called the best at the level of their towns and regions.

The contest will be solemnly opened on March 25. Its participants have to perform several creative tasks, to introduce the innovational experience of their pedagogical activity and to hold master-classes. The defense of the essay “My pedagogical credo” will become the final stage.

In accordance with the results the jury will declare the names of five laureates and the very best teacher-2009 will be chosen of these five pretenders. Solemn honoring of the laureates, the winner and all participants will take place on Friday, March 27, at the State Dramatic Theater by A. Mubaryakov.